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Hawaii travel is considered by many people worldwide to be among the most enjoyable vacations they have taken during the course of their lives.  After all, how often do you get a chance to escape from your busy daily life for a spontaneous vacation getaway or to attend a friend or family member's wedding at a remote island destination that offer unparalleled scenic beauty, relaxation and cultural enrichment that you thought you could only dream of?  Hawaii travel can be among one the most romantic, education and spiritual trips you have ever taken, as long as you take the necessary preparatory steps in advance, to help ensure that you are satisfied with your choice of Hawaii destination, and the value that you feel you obtain from your vacation, during the brief time you are able to travel.  There are six (6) key Hawaii travel steps that will help you make an informed purchase decision to assist you in taking the ultimate vacation to this island paradise we call home.  Please note, this is not exhaustive list of every possible avenue you need to explore before taking your trip to Hawaii.  Rather it is meant as a useful guide for the the most important steps you should consider embarking on Hawaii travel.

Step 1: When to go
The first step you will want to take is to decide when to travel to Hawaii. The peak season of Hawaii is from mid-December to April. The weather is very good during the peak season and hotel prices and airfares are usually higher during these times of the year, to reflect the increased demand for Hawaii vacations and accommodations. If you want to go during the peak season, do make sure to make reservation well in advance, to save on travel costs. However, should the need or desire effort come about where you "just have to visit Hawaii" for the sake of making a positive influence on your sanity, by all means, do not hesitate to book your reservations at a moment's notice.  The Hawaiians are always welcoming with open arms, and the intense beauty and magic of the islands is often too inviting to postpone, regardless of the time of year or cost of travel.

Below is the average temperature in Hawaii since 1949
Summer (May-October)

High temperature = 83° F
Low temperature = 66 ° F
Average temperature = 75 ° F

Winter (October-April)
High temperature = 81 ° F
Low temperature = 63 ° F
Average temperature = 72 ° F

Step 2: What To Pack
The dress attire in Hawaii is very informal. Hawaiian's place an emphasis on comfort and happiness than on traditional formality often seen in the rest of the United States and in other parts of the world.  You can wear t-shirt, short, and sport shoe to access most of Hawaii's attractions. And business meeting attendees often wear "aloha attire" meaning floral patterned shirts, dresses and clothing.  If anything, you will likely look and feel out of place wearing a suit and tie in Hawaii.  The pace, lifestyle and warmth of the people focus more on the interior of each person than on the exterior aspects of formal fashion.   Below is a checklist of what you should pack for your Hawaii trips:

   1. T-shirts
   2. Shorts
   3. Sport shoes or casual shoes
   4. Long pants
   5. Rubber water shoes
   6. Socks
   7. Sunglasses
   8. Hat
   9. Sun protection cream
  10. Sometimes, it is cold in Hawaii, therefore bring some sweater or light jacket.
  11. If you plan to go to Hawaii during winter (between October and April), you should also pack rain gear.

You don't have to pack too many clothes as most of Hawaii's hotels have laundry facilities.

Step 3: Book your flight
The best rates on hotels and airfares are usually available in spring and fall. You can reserve and book your travel flight to Hawaii in a variety of ways, whichever makes you feel the most comfortable:  in person at a travel agency, by telephone to a travel agency, by telephone or internet directly with an individual airline, or through a variety on online travel sites.  The rates and discounts offered between these respective channels may vary widely, so be sure to do your research before deciding which one meets your budget.  Hawaii typically has very good weather in spring and fall too. Before going to Hawaii, trip planning is an important step to save time and money. Your Hawaii trip is about 5 hours from the West Coast of the United States, and about 11 hours from New York.

Buying airfares directly from airline's website will save you around 30%. Surf many airline websites and compare the rates to find the best deal. You will save more if you have flexible schedule. When you go to airlines' websites, you can try to use many different departure and arrival dates to find the best price. That's the best part of online booking.

There are many advantages of buying airfares directly from airlines' website;

   1. You will get bonus miles from airline's website.
   2. Many internet-only discounts are available exclusively online.
   3. Many small, low-price airlines are not listed at premium booking sites.
   4. You can get last-minute deals from airline's website.

If you want to travel to Hawaii by airplane, you should buy your ticket early. Most airlines offer discounts on airfares that you buy at least one month before the departure date.

Step 4: Book your hotel
Booking your hotel well in advance will often help you get the cheapest room, although many last-minute specials are often promoted throughout the internet, both through various travel portals and the individual websites of the hotel chains as well.  Many hotels have internet-only rates which can save you 20% to 50%, so be sure to check online first before inquiring in other avenues for travel related information.

Step 5: Book your car
Although you will likely spend a great deal of time relaxing by your hotel’s swimming pool, you’ll want to rent a car in order to access the complete splendor and all of the attractions that Hawaii offers.  After all, it is such an immensely beautiful and diverse place to visit, you’ll want to see, feel and taste as much of paradise as you can, before you fly back home.  If you book a car rental through car rental company's website, often you can save from 10% to 30%. If possible, book at weekly rates will save you some money. Rental cars are available on all the main islands and typically cost $35 to $50 a day and $175 to $250 a week. It’s wise to book a car before arrival; browse websites of the major rental companies to find the best price.

Step 6: Book your activities
No trip to Hawaii would be complete without engaging in a series of outdoor activities that test your body, mind and spirit, and awaken your senses to the natural splendors that the islands of Hawaii offer.  Regardless of the Hawaiian island you choose to visit, you have practically countless opportunities to discover the magic that makes Hawaii such a special vacation hot spot.  For starters there is the traditional outdoor luau, held at many of the finest hotels throughout the islands, that is Hawaiian style party replete with local cuisine favorites also known as "grinds", including roast pig, poi, opihi, and a plethra of tropical fruit and mixed drinks to satisfy your every taste.  At these traditional ceremonies you will get an opportunity to witness a variety of local performers dressed in traditional Hawaiian costumes, singing songs, playing Hawaiian instruments, and engaging in the world famous hula dance.  For detailed facts and information about Hawaiian instruments, please click here.  For detailed facts and information about Hawaiian hula, please click here.

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