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Hawaiian Black Coral

In the Hawaiian language, black coral is called ‘ēkaha kū moana and is the official state gem of Hawaii.

Black Coral is a term given to a group of deep water, tree-like coral related to sea anemone that normally occurs in the tropics, including the islands of Hawaii. 

Though its living tissue is brilliantly colored, black coral takes its name from the distinctive black or dark brown color of its skeleton. Also unique to black coral are the tiny spines that cover the surface of the skeleton, the origin of the nickname little thorn coral.

The first new Black Coral bed found in centuries was discovered in the waters off Lahaina, Maui in 1958.  Black Coral is extremely rare and, when polished, it shines with such luster you can almost see your own reflection in it. 

Hawaiian Red Coral
With a history predating the ancient glories of Rome, precious red coral has been revered since early civilizations for its color, luster and texture. Found in ocean depths of approximately 500 to 1,000 feet, Red Coral grows only about 1/4 inch per year, making it a highly treasured gemstone.

The hard skeleton of red coral branches has a natural matte finish, but can be polished to a glassy shine.  It exhibits a range of warm reddish pink colors from pale pink to deep red.  Owing to its intense and permanent coloration and glossiness, precious coral skeletons have been harvested since antiquity for decorative use.

Coral jewelry has been found in ancient Egyptian and prehistoric European burials, and continues to be made to the present day. 

Hawaiian Pink Coral

Pink coral is symbolized to bring good health.  It was first discovered off Makapuu Point, Oahu, in 1,200 feet of water in 1966.  Now it is found over the entire length of the Hawaiian chain from Oahu in the east to beyond Midway Island in the west.

A very dense and hard gemstone, its color runs the entire spectrum of pink, from almost white to hibiscus pink to salmon red. The marbled and shaded colorings in some larger pink corals are natural qualities of the gem.

The value of Pink Coral gemstones vary according to rarity, but all shades of this coral when crafted in coral jewelry, are highly prized. 

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