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Albizia, also known as albizzia, one of the fastest-growing trees in the world, is a fuel wood species for the humid tropics. It is a large deciduous tree with a thin, very broad crown of dull green foliage, and numerous small, oblong leaflets and narrow, flat brown pods that split open. It is widely planted in tropical countries and becoming naturalized.Most common spelling in Hawaii is Albesia. To those in the business it is spelled Albizia like you said. It is one of the fastest growing trees in the world.  It grows so fast, that it Hawaii it is considered practically a weed.  Native to the S. Pacific region around New Guinea and the Soloman islands but now familiar in most tropical parts of the world in Hawaii and the Phillipines. It can grow over 100 feet easily.

Albesia wood is a pretty common wood and is native from India to the Philippines. It's also spelled Albecia by many and its formal scientific name is Ablizia It is typically white in color however, certain regions may produce a light brown coloration at the heart.  It is lightweight and has a grain that is usually straight, and shallowly interlocked. Due to its irregular grain, and noted for its strength and durability, albizia is a high-quality tropical wood that is a valued choice for making furniture, flooring, decorative veneer, paneling, and wood carvings. Albesia wood or some people called it albecia has become a very popular kind of handicraft materials on the island of Bali, and throughout Polynesia including Hawaii.


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